Cheap Tubal Reversal for Financially Disadvantaged Patients

Tubal reversal is a remarkable procedure that has helped millions of women rediscover their fertility. In the same vein, it has also caused many others heartache knowing that a financial barrier stands between them and another chance at pregnancy.

Many women have conducted extensive research trying to find cheap tubal reversal clinics, but what they often discover is there are few legitimate places that offer tubal reversal surgery for under $5000, short of going overseas to have it done which is another issue altogether.

Fortunately, patients can ease any financial burden they may incur through various means, from financing to grants for a tubal reversal from tubal reversal ministries and other non-profit organizations.

Any patient that has no form of established credit should seek a co-applicant for tubal reversal financing. When applying for any sort of financing, the likelihood of getting denied is tremendous with a short or non-existent credit history. Furthermore, a spotty credit record that includes delinquent payment entries and similar is sure to get flagged for denial. A co-signer with a strong credit history can get you approved for a tubal reversal loan and both of you stand to benefit if you make your payments as agreed upon. Likewise, failure to do so will put both parties in the hot seat.

Tubal reversal financing isn’t necessarily designed for financially disadvantaged patients, but it can be used to their advantage to structure a comfortable payment plan. Since most reversal surgeons work with CareCredit, patients can get financing for up to sixty months, which translates to a very low monthly payment. On the flip side of the coin, the patient will end up paying a few thousand more for the procedure as a whole due to the high interest rate. However, this will work wonders in helping them rebuild their credit.

The longer you can prove to lenders that you are capable of making timely payments, the better chance you stand of getting approved for any type of loan in the future. Some surgeons might be willing to work with you to reduce the cost of the procedure. For instance, they may offer you a discounted price if you pay for the entire procedure within a certain period after scheduling your surgery. You can use your CareCredit card to do this as it is essentially a credit card.

Some patients arrive at the conclusion that it might be best to defer treatment until a later time, because they may feel that they can’t handle a monthly commitment or they feel a cheap tubal reversal isn’t in their future. In most cases, this is perfectly understandable. Waiting gives the patient time to get their finances in order and to hopefully start rebuilding their credit in order to successfully apply for tubal reversal financing. However, a reversal expert will tell you that the longer you wait, the higher the risk becomes for complications. Your fallopian tubes may develop too much scar tissue damage so that reattachment fails to reverse sterilization. Furthermore, the likelihood of pregnancy naturally dwindles as you begin to age and your reproductive organs don’t function quite like they used to. Take a close look at your circumstances and go the route that makes the most financial sense given the risks involved.