Tubal Reversal and Financing

A tubal ligation reversal operation is a great option that many women choose when they want to become pregnant again. There are other options, such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), but because tubal ligation reversal is cheaper and faster more people choose to go that route. In most cases pregnancy can occur within six short months of having the reversal operation performed. The complications from tubal ligation reversal are very rare and in most cases, are a complete success.

Tubal ligation surgery is an outpatient procedure and the cost is quite steep. Most surgeons will quote their price with everything including anesthesia to you over the phone in a consultation. Prices for the reversal can range anywhere from $5,000 and up. If you schedule your surgery be sure to stick with that date. Most places charge $1000 and up if you need to reschedule the surgery.

Tubal ligation reversal is considered an elective surgery and most insurance carriers will not help with covering the cost. If you have insurance the only real way to know if it covers the procedure is to ask them. If in fact they will help cover your surgery then you can find out if the surgeon will accept your insurance. The surgeons themselves have different payment options available that will help as well as a list of different companies that will help with loans for this procedure. Most surgeons will not accept personal checks in the form of payment but do take all major credit cards, cashier checks and of course cash.

One option for payment of the tubal ligation reversal is usually referred to as an easy pay plan. This is a sort of layaway plan that some department stores offer. The surgeon will hold on to your payments until it is paid in full and then will start the surgery. The easy pay plan is one of the better options for someone who has less than perfect credit.

Obtaining a loan for a tubal ligation reversal is almost like trying to get funding to lease a car. There is however several lending companies that do help with many medical procedures. Some of the institutions that have financial help for tubal reversal are MediCredit, MedProva, Capital One Health Care Finance and Reliance Medical Finance. Some physicians can point you into the right direction of a lender and you can research and choose the one that best fits your needs.

The finance companies will offer you the choice of a short term loan or a long term one. The amount of your monthly payment and interest, like many other loans, depends on your credit score. When given a quote by the surgeon that you choose be sure that they include everything in it, including any follow up visits you may have. The finance company will need that along with all of your financial records.

There are many different surgeons that specialize in tubal ligation reversals and are located across the United States. It is best to do a little research on the surgeons that are closest to you.